Title 7

SECTION 1466.8

1466.8 Conservation practices.

§ 1466.8 Conservation practices.

(a) NRCS will determine the conservation practices for which participants may receive program payments and provide a list of eligible practices to the public.

(b) Payment will not be made to a participant for conservation practices that -

(1) Either the applicant or another producer has initiated or implemented prior to application for the program; or

(2) Has been initiated or implemented prior to contract approval, unless a waiver was granted by the Chief prior to the practice implementation.

(c) Unless waived for circumstances as determined by the Chief, a participant is eligible for payments for water conservation and irrigation-related conservation practices only on land that has been irrigated for 2 of the last 5 years prior to application for assistance.

(d) Upon the development of a new technology or management approach that provides a high potential for optimizing conservation benefits, NRCS may approve an interim conservation practice standard that incorporates the new technology or management approach and provide financial assistance for pilot work to evaluate and assess the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the new technology or management approach.

(e) NRCS will at least annually consult with State Technical Committees, Tribal Conservation Advisory Councils, local work groups, and other stakeholders to identify conservation practices with appropriate purposes and the criteria for their application to address priorities to establish wildlife habitat including -

(1) Upland wildlife habitat;

(2) Wetland wildlife habitat;

(3) Habitat for threatened and endangered species;

(4) Fish habitat;

(5) Habitat on pivot corners and other irregular areas of a field; and

(6) Other types of wildlife habitat, as determined by NRCS.