Title 7

SECTION 1466.7

1466.7 EQIP plan of operations.

§ 1466.7 EQIP plan of operations.

(a) All conservation practices in the EQIP plan of operations must be approved by NRCS and developed and carried out in accordance with the applicable NRCS planning and FOTG technical requirements.

(b) The participant is responsible for implementing the EQIP plan of operations according to the approved implementation schedule.

(c) The EQIP plan of operations must include -

(1) A description of the participant's specific conservation objectives to be achieved;

(2) To the extent practicable, the quantitative or qualitative goals for achieving the participant's conservation and natural resource objectives;

(3) A description of one or more conservation practices in the conservation management system, including conservation planning, design, or installation activities to be implemented to achieve the conservation objectives;

(4) A schedule for implementing the conservation practices, including timing, sequence, operation, and maintenance; and

(5) Information that enables evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan of operations in achieving the conservation objectives.

(d) If an EQIP plan of operations includes an animal waste storage or treatment facility to be implemented on an AFO, the participant must agree to:

(1) Develop a CNMP by the end of the contract period; and

(2) Implement any applicable conservation practices in the EQIP plan of operation consistent with an approved CNMP.

(e) An EQIP plan of operations on forest land must implement conservation practices consistent with an approved forest management plan.

(f) NRCS may provide a participant with assistance to implement an EQIP plan of operations which includes irrigation-related practices to address a water conservation resource concern only if the participant establishes through documented evidence, including irrigation history, that such assistance will facilitate a reduction in ground or surface water use on the agricultural operation, unless the producer is participating in a watershed-wide project, as approved by NRCS, which will effectively conserve water in accordance with § 1466.20 of this part.

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