Title 7

SECTION 1466.35

1466.35 State-level conservation innovation grant component.

§ 1466.35 State-level conservation innovation grant component.

(a) NRCS has the option of implementing a State-level CIG component. Except as otherwise indicated of this section, State-level CIG awards follows the requirements of this subpart for national-level CIG awards.

(b) Funding availability, application, and submission information for State competitions are announced through public notices separately from the national program and emphasize projects that cover limited geographic areas including individual farms, multicounty areas, or small watersheds.

(c) The State Conservationist determines the funding level for the State CIG competition and creates a review process for applications that considers various relevant criteria, including any potential conflicts of interest.

(d) NRCS may choose to adhere to the CIG national priorities or select other priority resource concerns.