Title 7

SECTION 1466.2

1466.2 Administration.

§ 1466.2 Administration.

(a) The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) funds, facilities, authorities. Because the funds, facilities, and authorities of the CCC are available to NRCS for carrying out EQIP, each reference to NRCS in this part also refers to the CCC's funds, facilities, and authorities where applicable.

(b) Locally-led conservation. (1) NRCS supports locally-led conservation by soliciting input from the State Technical Committee and the Tribal Conservation Advisory Council at the State level, and local working groups at the county, parish, or Tribal level to advise NRCS on issues relating to EQIP implementation.

(2) Recommendations from the State Technical Committee and the Tribal Conservation Advisory Council may include but are not limited to:

(i) Recommendations for program priorities and criteria;

(ii) Identification of priority resource concerns;

(iii) Recommendations about which conservation practices will be effective to treat identified priority resource concerns; and

(iv) Recommendations of program payment rates for payment schedules.

(c) Delegations. No delegation in the administration of this part to lower organizational levels will preclude the Chief from making any determinations under this part, redelegating to other organizational levels, or from reversing or modifying any determination made under this part.

(d) Waiver. The Chief may modify or waive a nonstatutory, discretionary provision of this part if the Chief determines the application of that provision to a particular limited situation to be inappropriate and inconsistent with the purposes of the program;

(e) Scope of agreement authority. NRCS may enter into agreements with other Federal or State agencies, Indian Tribes, conservation districts, units of local government, public or private organizations, acequias, and individuals to assist NRCS with implementation of the program in this part.