Title 7

SECTION 1464.21

1464.21 Ranking considerations and proposal selection.

§ 1464.21 Ranking considerations and proposal selection.

(a) Final selection. NRCS will rank and select proposals for partnership agreements pursuant to the evaluation criteria listed in 1464.20(a)(2).

(b) Priority to certain proposals. NRCS may give a higher priority to proposals for partnership agreements that -

(1) Assist producers in meeting or avoiding the need for a natural resource regulatory requirement;

(2) Have a high percentage of producers in the area to be covered by the agreement;

(3) Significantly leverage non-Federal financial and technical resources and coordinate with other local, State, or national efforts;

(4) Build new partnerships with local, State, and private entities to include a diversity of stakeholders in the project;

(5) Deliver a high percentage of applied conservation to achieve conservation benefits or address the priority resource concern for a designated CCA;

(6) Implement the project consistent with existing watershed, habitat, or other area restoration plans;

(7) Provide innovation in conservation methods and delivery, including outcome-based performance measures and methods; or

(8) Meet other factors that are important for achieving the purposes of the program, as determined by NRCS.

(c) Proposals in CCAs. (1) NRCS will select proposals for partnership agreements within CCAs that address one or more priority resource concerns for which the CCA is designated.

(2) NRCS will identify the designated CCAs and publish the priority resource concerns for each CCA.

(3) NRCS will identify the priority resource concerns and associated ranking criteria in any announcement under § 1464.20.