Title 7

SECTION 1463.201

1463.201 Refunds of importer assessments.

§ 1463.201 Refunds of importer assessments.

Assessments paid on imported flue-cured or burley tobacco under sections 106A and 106B of the Agricultural Act of 1949 with respect to imports in the 2004 and prior marketing years may be refunded by CCC in accordance with the provisions of 7 CFR 1464.105 that were in effect prior to March 30, 2005, so long as such request for refunds are filed in accordance with such part no later than:

(a) August 1, 2005 for flue-cured tobacco; and

(b) November 1, 2005 for burley tobacco.

[70 FR 17159, Apr. 4, 2005]