Title 7

SECTION 1463.112

1463.112 Successor in interest contracts.

§ 1463.112 Successor in interest contracts.

(a) A quota holder or tobacco producer who is eligible to receive a payment under this part, and for whom a claim has not been established by the United States, may enter into a successor in interest contract with another party using the correct CCC form. Such successor in interest contract will become effective upon approval by CCC, and will not include the 2005 payment. Only one such successor in interest contract may be entered into by a quota holder or tobacco producer with respect to a farm for each kind of tobacco.

(b) Annually, CCC will establish, after consultation with the Department of the Treasury, a discount rate that reflects the value of any remaining payments due under this part if such payments were to be made as a lump sum payment in the current year. This discount rate will be determined as provided in § 1463.111(d)(2). Unless there is consideration for such contract in an amount equal to or greater than the discounted value of the payments, subject to the successor in interest or contract, based on the discount rate established for such payments by CCC, CCC will not approve any succession in interest contract other than to:

(1) A family member; or

(2) A party who had purchased a tobacco marketing quota prior to October 22, 2004 and had placed the quota on a farm with the owner's consent prior to that date in the manner that had been prescribed by FSA under part 723 of this chapter.

(c) CCC will issue a payment, except the 2005 payment, to a successor party only if such party is otherwise in compliance with all other applicable regulations, which includes for successors to producer contracts only the wetlands and highly erodible land provisions of part 12 of this chapter. In accordance with part 1403 of this title, any claim owed by the successor party to the United States will be deducted from any payment made under this part prior to the issuance of the payment to the successor party.

(d) CCC will report to the Internal Revenue Service any payment made under a successor in interest contract as income earned by the successor party.