Title 7

SECTION 1463.111

1463.111 Offsets and assignments.

§ 1463.111 Offsets and assignments.

(a) TTPP payments made to any person under this subpart shall be made without regard to questions of title under State law and without regard to any claim or lien against the tobacco quota, tobacco marketing allotment, or the farm for which a tobacco quota had been established under part 723 of this title by any creditor or any other person.

(b) The provisions of part 1404 of this title shall not apply to this part.

(c) A quota holder or tobacco producer who is eligible to receive a payment under this part may assign a payment, or a portion thereof, to be made under this part to another person using the correct CCC form. Such an assignment will become effective upon approval by CCC. In order to provide for the orderly issuance of payments under this part, CCC may limit, in its sole discretion, the number of assignments that may be made with respect to a contract.

(d)(1) CCC will establish, after consultation with the Department of the Treasury, a discount rate that reflects the value of any remaining payments due under this part if such payments were to be made as a lump sum payment in the current year. Unless there is consideration for such contract in an amount equal to or greater than the discounted value of the payments, subject to the assignment, based on the discount rate established for such payments by CCC, CCC will not approve any assignment other than to:

(i) A family member; or

(ii) A party who had purchased a tobacco marketing quota prior to October 22, 2004 and had placed the quota on a farm with the owner's consent prior to that date in the manner that had been prescribed by FSA under part 723 of this chapter.

(2) The discount rate established by CCC will be determined by adding 200 basis points to the prime lending rate, as determined by CCC. If this sum is a fraction of a number, CCC will round the discount rate to the nearest whole number. Rounding of a half percent will be to the next higher whole number.

(e) CCC will issue a payment to an assignee only to the extent and amount of payment that CCC would otherwise have issued to the quota holder or producer in the absence of the assignment. In accordance with part 1403 of this title, any claim owed by the assignor to the United States will be deducted from any payment made under this part prior to the issuance of the payment to the assignee.

(f) CCC will report to the Internal Revenue Service any payment assigned under this section as income earned by the assignor.