Title 7

SECTION 1463.107

1463.107 Payment to eligible quota holders.

§ 1463.107 Payment to eligible quota holders.

(a) The total amount of contract payments that may be made to an eligible quota holder shall be the product obtained by multiplying:

$7.00 per pound × the BQL for the quota holder as determined under § 1463.105 for each kind of tobacco

(b) During each of the fiscal years 2005 through 2014, CCC will make a payment to each eligible quota holder in an amount equal to 10 percent of the total amount due under a contract entered into under this subpart, except that in the case an application was filed after June 17, 2005, the applicant will receive only the TTPP payments that have not been made as of the date the contract is approved. However, in order for the contract participant to receive the 2005 TTPP payment an application to enter into a TTPP contract must be filed no later than June 17, 2005. CCC may, in its discretion, extend any deadline set forth in this paragraph. However, CCC will make the FY 2005 payment between June and September of 2005, and subsequent payments will be made in January, to the extent practicable, of each FY.