Title 7

SECTION 1450.215

1450.215 Transfer of land.

§ 1450.215 Transfer of land.

(a)(1) If a new owner or operator purchases or obtains the right and interest in, or right to occupancy of, land subject to a BCAP contract, such new owner or operator, upon the approval of CCC, may become a participant to a new BCAP contract with CCC for the transferred land.

(2) For the transferred land, if the new owner or operator becomes a successor to the existing BCAP contract, the new owner or operator will assume all obligations of the BCAP contract of the previous participant.

(3) If the new owner or operator is approved as a successor to a BCAP contract with CCC, then, except as otherwise determined by the Deputy Administrator:

(i) Establishment payments will be made to the past or present participant who established the practice; and

(ii) Annual payments to be paid during the fiscal year when the land was transferred will be divided between the new participant and the previous participant in the manner specified in § 1450.214(c).

(b) If a participant transfers all or part of the right and interest in, or right to occupancy of, land subject to a BCAP contract and the new owner or operator does not become a successor to such contract within 60 days of such transfer, or such other time as CCC determines to be appropriate, such contract will be terminated with respect to the affected portion of such land, and the original participant:

(1) Forfeits all rights to any future payments for that acreage;

(2) Must refund all previous payments received under the contract by the participant or prior participants, plus interest, except as otherwise specified by CCC. The provisions of § 1450.211(g) will apply.

(c) Federal agencies acquiring property, by foreclosure or otherwise, that contains BCAP contract acreage cannot be a party to the BCAP contract by succession. However, through an addendum to the BCAP contract, if the current operator of the property is one of the BCAP contract participants, the BCAP contract may remain in effect and, as permitted by CCC, such operator may continue to receive payments under such contract if CCC determines that such allowance is in the public interest and:

(1) The property is maintained in accordance with the terms of the contract;

(2) Such operator continues to be the operator of the property; and

(3) Ownership of the property remains with such Federal agency.

[75 FR 66234, Oct. 27, 2010, as amended at 80 FR 10575, Feb. 27, 2015]