Title 7

SECTION 1450.211

1450.211 BCAP contract.

§ 1450.211 BCAP contract.

(a) In order to enroll land in BCAP, the participant must enter into a contract with CCC.

(b) The contract is comprised of:

(1) The terms and conditions for participation in BCAP;

(2) The conservation plan, forest stewardship plan, or equivalent plan; and

(3) Any other materials or agreements determined necessary by CCC.

(c) In order to enter into a contract, the producer must submit an offer to participate as specified in § 1450.209;

(d) The contract must, within the dates established by CCC, be signed by:

(1) The producer; and

(2) The owners of the eligible land to be placed in the BCAP and other eligible participants, if applicable.

(e) The Deputy Administrator is authorized to approve contracts on behalf of CCC.

(f) CCC will honor contracts even in the event that a project area biomass conversion facility does not become fully or partially operational.

(g) Contracts may be terminated by CCC before the full term of the contract has expired if:

(1) The owner loses control of or transfers all or part of the acreage under contract and the new owner does not wish to continue the contract;

(2) The participant voluntarily requests in writing to terminate the contract and obtains the approval of CCC according to terms and conditions as determined by CCC;

(3) The participant is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract;

(4) The BCAP practice fails or is not established after a certain time period, as determined by CCC, and the cost of restoring or establishing the practice outweighs the benefits received from the restoration or establishment;

(5) The contract was approved based on erroneous eligibility determinations; or

(6) CCC determines that such a termination is needed in the public interest.

(h) Except as allowed and approved by CCC where the new owner of land enrolled in BCAP is a Federal agency that agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the terminated contract, the participant in a contract that has been terminated must refund all or part of the payments made with respect to the contract plus interest, as determined by CCC, and must pay liquidated damages as provided for in the contract and this part. CCC may permit the amount(s) to be repaid to be reduced to the extent that such a reduction will not impair the purposes of BCAP. Further, a refund of all payments need not be required from a participant who is otherwise in full compliance with the contract when the land is purchased by or for the United States, as determined appropriate by CCC.

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