Title 7

SECTION 1450.202

1450.202 Project area selection criteria.

§ 1450.202 Project area selection criteria.

(a) In selecting project areas, CCC will consider:

(1) The dry tons of the eligible crops proposed to be produced in the proposed project area and the probability that such crops will be used for BCAP purposes;

(2) The dry tons of renewable biomass projected to be available from sources other than the eligible crops grown on contract acres;

(3) The anticipated economic impact in the proposed project area;

(4) The opportunity for producers and local investors to participate in the ownership of the biomass conversion facility in the proposed project area;

(5) The participation rate by beginning or socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers;

(6) The impact on soil, water, and related resources;

(7) The variety in biomass production approaches within a project area, including agronomic conditions, harvest and postharvest practices, and monoculture and polyculture crop mixes;

(8) The range of eligible crops among project areas;

(9) Status as an existing project area that has received funding under this subpart and the continuation of funding such project areas to advance the maturity of such project areas; and

(10) Any other necessary additional information, as determined by CCC.

(b) [Reserved]

[75 FR 66234, Oct. 27, 2010, as amended at 80 FR 10574, Feb. 27, 2015]