Title 7

SECTION 1450.201

1450.201 Project area proposal submission requirements.

§ 1450.201 Project area proposal submission requirements.

(a) To be considered for selection as a project area, a project sponsor must submit a proposal to CCC that includes, at a minimum:

(1) A description of the sources of renewable biomass, eligible land, and eligible crops that may be enrolled within the proposed project area;

(2) A letter of commitment from a biomass conversion facility stating that the facility will use, for BCAP purposes, eligible crops intended to be produced in the proposed project area;

(3) Information demonstrating that the biomass conversion facility has or will have sufficient equity available to operate if the facility is not operational at the time the project area proposal is submitted; and

(4) Any other information that gives CCC a reasonable assurance that the biomass conversion facility will be in operation in a timely manner so that it will use the eligible crops, as determined by CCC.

(b) The project area description required in paragraph (a) of this section needs to specify geographic boundaries and be described in definite terms such as acres, watershed boundaries, mapped longitude and latitude coordinates, or counties.

(c) The project area needs to be physically located near a biomass conversion facility or facilities, as determined by CCC.

(d) Project area proposals may limit the nature and types of eligible crops to be established within a project area.

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