Title 7

SECTION 1450.106

1450.106 Payments.

§ 1450.106 Payments.

(a) Payments under this subpart will be made for a term not to exceed 2 years, commencing on the date that CCC issues the first payment under this subpart to the participant. The 2-year eligibility period for each participant runs from the date that the participant is first issued any matching payment from CCC, regardless of payment for subsequent deliveries to any other biomass conversion facility. The eligibility period will not include any BCAP matching payments received prior to May 28, 2015.

(b) Payments under this subpart will be paid at a rate of $1 for each $1 per dry ton provided by the qualified biomass conversion facility for the market-based sale of eligible material in an amount up to $20 per dry ton.

[75 FR 66234, Oct. 27, 2010, as amended at 80 FR 10574, Feb. 27, 2015]