Title 7

SECTION 1450.104

1450.104 Signup.

§ 1450.104 Signup.

(a) Applications for participation and requests for payments under this subpart will be accepted as specified in the FSA announcement(s) in a given fiscal year through the end of the announced sign up period on a continuous basis, subject to the availability of funds.

(b) An eligible material owner must apply to participate in the matching payments component of BCAP before delivery is made to a qualified biomass conversion facility and before payment for the eligible material is received from the qualified biomass conversion facility. The application must be submitted to the FSA county office servicing the tracts of land where the collection and harvest will occur and must be approved by CCC, before any delivery is made to or payment is made by the qualified biomass conversion facility for the eligible material.

(c) Applications must include the following:

(1) Based on information obtained from contracts, agreements, or binding letters of intent:

(i) An estimate of the total dry tons of eligible material expected to be sold to the qualified biomass conversion facility;

(ii) The type(s) of eligible material that is expected to be sold;

(iii) The name of the qualified biomass conversion facility that will purchase the eligible material;

(iv) The expected, fair market, per dry ton payment rate the owner plans to receive for the delivery of the eligible material; and

(v) The date or dates the eligible material is expected to be delivered to the qualified biomass conversion facility.

(2) A new or amended conservation plan, forest stewardship plan, or equivalent plan, as specified in § 1450.103.

(d) Eligible material owners who deliver eligible material to more than one qualified biomass conversion facility must submit separate applications for each facility to which eligible material will be delivered.

(e) After delivery, eligible material owners must notify CCC and request the payment. Payments will be disbursed only after delivery is verified by CCC.

(f) Information that must be submitted to CCC in order to request payments includes settlement, summary, or other acceptable data that provide:

(1) Total actual tonnage delivered and a total dry weight tonnage equivalent amount determined by the qualified biomass conversion facility using standard moisture determinations applicable to the eligible material (Woody material dry ton weight is determined in accordance with applicable ASTM standards);

(2) Total payment received, including the per dry-ton payment rate(s) matched with actual and dry weight tonnage delivered; and

(3) The qualified biomass conversion facility's certification as to the authenticity of the information.

[75 FR 66234, Oct. 27, 2010, as amended at 80 FR 10573, Feb. 27, 2015]