Title 7

SECTION 1450.101

1450.101 Qualified biomass conversion facility.

§ 1450.101 Qualified biomass conversion facility.

(a) To be considered a qualified biomass conversion facility, a biomass conversion facility must enter into an agreement with CCC and must:

(1) Meet all applicable regulatory and permitting requirements by applicable Federal, State, or local authorities;

(2) Agree in writing to:

(i) Maintain accurate records of all eligible material purchases and related documents regardless of whether matching payments will be sought by the seller; and

(ii) Make available at one place and at all reasonable times for examination by representatives of USDA, all books, papers, records, contracts, scale tickets, settlement sheets, invoices, written price quotations, or other documents related to BCAP for not less than 3 years after the date that eligible material was delivered to the qualified biomass conversion facility;

(iii) Clearly indicate the actual tonnage delivered on the scale ticket or equivalent to be provided to the eligible material owner;

(iv) Calculate a total dry ton weight equivalent of the actual tonnage delivered and provide that measurement to the eligible material owner;

(v) Use commercial weight scales that are certified for accuracy by applicable State or local authorities and accurate moisture measurement equipment to determine the dry ton weight equivalent of actual tonnage delivered. Woody material dry ton weight must be determined in accordance with applicable ASTM standards; and

(vi) Purchase eligible material at a fair market price that is consistent with similar products, regardless of whether or not the seller has applied for or receives a matching payment authorized by this subpart or if the seller and purchaser are related entities.

(b) For a qualified biomass conversion facility, CCC can:

(1) Periodically inform the public that payments may be available for deliveries of eligible material to such qualified biomass conversion facility;

(2) Maintain a listing of qualified biomass conversion facilities for general public access and distribution that may include general information about the facility and its eligible material needs; and

(3) Suspend, terminate, or take other actions as appropriate when CCC determines a qualified biomass conversion facility fails to comply with the agreement.

[75 FR 66234, Oct. 27, 2010, as amended at 80 FR 10573, Feb. 27, 2015]