Title 7

SECTION 1437.107

1437.107 Maple sap.

§ 1437.107 Maple sap.

(a) NAP assistance for maple sap is limited to maple sap produced on private property for sale as sap or syrup. Eligible maple sap must be produced from trees that:

(1) Are located on land the producer controls by ownership or lease;

(2) Are managed for production of maple sap;

(3) Are at least 30 years old and 12 inches in diameter; and

(4) Have a maximum of 4 taps per tree according to the tree's diameter.

(b) The crop year for maple sap production is the calendar year, January 1 through December 31.

(c) If producers file an application for coverage in accordance with § 1437.7, tree acreage containing trees from which maple sap is produced or is to be produced must be reported to FSA no later than the beginning of the crop year.

(d) In addition to the applicable records required under § 1437.8, producers must report the:

(1) Total number of eligible trees on the unit;

(2) Average size and age of producing trees; and

(3) Total number of taps placed or anticipated for the tapping season.

(e) A maximum county-expected-yield for maple sap is 10 gallons of sap per tap per crop year unless acceptable documentary evidence, as determined by FSA, is available to FSA to support a higher county-expected-yield.

(f) The average market price for maple sap must be established for the value of the sap before processing into syrup. If price data is available only for maple syrup, this data must be converted to a maple sap basis. The wholesale price for a gallon of maple syrup is multiplied by 0.00936 to arrive at the average market price of a gallon of maple sap.

(g) The actual production history for maple sap will be recorded on the basis of gallons of sap per tap.

(h) The unit's expected production is determined by:

(1) Multiplying the number of taps placed in eligible trees; by

(2) The approved per tap yield as determined in accordance with § 1437.102.

(i) Payments will be based on the amount of losses for this community based on the applicable guarantee at a rate determined in accord with this part and the authorizing legislation.

(j) Premiums for coverage levels specified in § 1437.5(c) will be calculated based on the number of taps reported by the producer.

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