Title 7

SECTION 1427.170

1427.170 Quantity for loan.

§ 1427.170 Quantity for loan.

(a) The quantity of lint cotton in each lot of seed cotton tendered for loan will be determined by the FSA county office by multiplying the weight or estimated weight of seed cotton by the lint turnout factor determined under paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) The lint turnout factor for any lot of seed cotton will be the percentage determined by the county committee representative during the initial inspection of the lot. If a control portion of the lot is weighed and ginned, the turnout factor determined for the portion of cotton ginned will be used for the lot. If a control portion is not weighed and ginned, the lint turnout factor will not exceed 32 percent for machine-picked cotton and 22 percent for machine-stripped cotton unless acceptable proof is furnished showing that the lint turnout factor is greater.

(c) Loans will not be made on more than a percentage established by the county committee of the quantity of lint cotton determined as provided in this section. If the seed cotton is weighed, the percentage to be used will not be more than 95 percent. If the quantity is determined by measurement, the percentage to be used will not be more than 90 percent. The percentage to be used in determining the maximum quantity for any loan may be reduced below such percentages by the county committee when determined necessary to protect the interests of CCC on the basis of one or more of the following risk factors:

(1) Condition or suitability of the storage site or structure;

(2) Condition of the cotton;

(3) Location of the storage site or structure; and

(4) Other factors peculiar to individual farms or producers which related to the preservation or safety of the loan collateral. Loans may be made on a lower percentage basis at the producer's request.

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