Title 7

SECTION 1427.105

1427.105 Payment.

§ 1427.105 Payment.

(a) The payment rate for purposes of calculating payments as specified in this subpart is 3 cents per pound.

(b) Payments specified in this subpart will be determined by multiplying the payment rate, of 3 cents per pound, by

(1) In the case of baled upland cotton, whether lint, loose samples or reginned motes, but not semi-processed motes, the net weight of the cotton used (gross weight minus the weight of bagging and ties);

(2) In the case of unbaled reginned motes consumed, without rebaling, for an end use in a continuous manufacturing process, the weight of the reginned motes after final cleaning; and

(3) In the case of semi-processed motes which are of a quality suitable, without further processing, for spinning, papermaking, or manufacture of non-woven cotton fabric, 25 percent of the weight (gross weight minus the weight of bagging and ties, if baled) of the semi-processed motes; provided further, that with respect to semi-processed motes that are used prior to August 18, 2010, payment may be allowed by CCC in its sole discretion at 100 percent of the weight as determined appropriate for a transition of the program to the 25 percent factor.

(c) In all cases, the payment will be determined based on the amount of eligible upland cotton that an eligible domestic user consumed during the immediately preceding calendar month. For the purposes of this subpart, eligible upland cotton will be considered consumed by the domestic user on the date the bale is opened for consumption, or if not baled, the date consumed, without further processing, in a continuous manufacturing process.

(d) Payments specified in this subpart will be made available upon application for payment and submission of supporting documentation, as required by the CCC-issued provisions of the Upland Cotton Domestic User Agreement.

(e) All payments received by the eligible domestic user of upland cotton must be used for purposes specified in 7 U.S.C. 9037(c)(3), which include but are not limited to, acquisition, construction, installation, modernization, development, conversion, or expansion of land, plant, buildings, equipment, facilities, or machinery. Such capital expenditures must be directly attributable and certified as such by the user for the purpose of manufacturing upland cotton into eligible cotton products in the United States.

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