Title 7

SECTION 1427.101

1427.101 Eligible upland cotton.

§ 1427.101 Eligible upland cotton.

(a) For purposes of this subpart, eligible upland cotton is baled upland cotton, regardless of origin, that is opened by an eligible domestic user, and is either:

(1) Baled lint, including baled lint classified by USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service as Below Grade;

(2) Loose samples removed from upland cotton bales for classification purposes that have been rebaled;

(3) Semi-processed motes that are of a quality suitable, without further processing, for spinning, papermaking, or production of non-woven fabric; or

(4) Re-ginned (processed) motes.

(b) Eligible upland cotton must not be:

(1) Cotton for which a payment, under the provisions of this subpart, has been made available;

(2) Raw (unprocessed) motes, pills, linters, or other derivatives of the lint cleaning process; or

(3) Textile mill wastes.

[73 FR 65723, Nov. 5, 2008, as amended at 80 FR 136, Jan. 2, 2015]