Title 7

SECTION 1421.418

1421.418 Submitting MAL and LDP documentation to FSA.

§ 1421.418 Submitting MAL and LDP documentation to FSA.

(a) Until such time as an alternative FSA MAL- or LDP-making system is made available to DMAs, within 3 business days of any DMA prepared disbursement, the DMA must separately group and submit to FSA:

(1) MALs with the same disbursement date, peanut type, warehouse code, and State where peanuts were inspected; and

(2) LDPs with the same LDP rate, approval date, and peanut type.

(b) Each of the groups identified in paragraph (a) of this section must be submitted to FSA with the following documents:

(1) Individual paper warehouse receipts or EWR numbers, and the EWR provider's name representing the bundled MALs or LDPs.

(2) A form to itemize receipts, and other data, as required, or a pre-processed electronic file containing data required by FSA.

(c) FSA may process each DMA prepared MAL or LDP group for the volume of peanuts on multiple receipts as one MAL or LDP, waive the service fee to the DMA, and either hold MAL paper warehouse receipts, or verify that CCC is holder of the EWRs as of the date of disbursement.

(d) In the case of an MAL, if CCC was not the holder of the EWR on or before the date the DMA prepared MAL was disbursed, the applicable receipts will be rejected, and funds will not be distributed to the DMA drawdown account until CCC becomes the holder of the EWR.

(e) If MAL and LDP documentation is acceptable, FSA will disburse MAL or LDP funds to the DMA, with appropriate supporting documentation.

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