Title 7

SECTION 1421.416

1421.416 Processing loan deficiency payments.

§ 1421.416 Processing loan deficiency payments.

(a) DMAs must take the following actions in the following order when an application for an LDP is filed:

(1) In addition to other determinations that are required, the DMA must determine whether the producer exceeds the AGI limits and has sufficient eligibility under the applicable payment limit to allow the receipt of the LDP. If the producer is over the AGI limit or there is not sufficient payment limitation eligibility, the DMA cannot process the request.

(2) If EWRs are applicable for the peanuts for which the LDP is sought, the DMA must instruct the current holder to notify the EWR provider to amend the EWR to show that the peanuts were used to obtain an LDP;

(3) The DMA must insure that the producer or the person holding the power of attorney for the producer signs the LDP documents; and

(4) If the peanuts and the producer are eligible for the MAL and all other conditions have been met, the DMA may disburse funds to the producer subject to the time limits set out elsewhere in this part.

(b) The LDP rate applicable to the LDP request will be the rate in effect on the date the DMA receives the request except as may otherwise be provided for in this part.

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