Title 7

SECTION 1421.414

1421.414 Producer request to a DMA for an MAL or LDP.

§ 1421.414 Producer request to a DMA for an MAL or LDP.

Peanut producers or their authorized agent may request that an MAL or LDP be processed by a DMA only if the DMA is approved under this subpart to process such a request and only if the producer supplies to the DMA:

(a) Beneficial interest information. Beneficial interest must be maintained by the producer according to § 1421.6 for the peanuts to be eligible for MAL or LDP; accordingly, the producer must supply to the DMA such information as it needed to make that determination.

(b) Warehouse receipts and lien information. Producers must supply for all peanuts either individual paper warehouse receipts in the producer's name or an electronic warehouse receipt (EWR) number and provider's name. Producers must supply relevant lien information regarding the peanuts; however, the producer's obligation in this regard does not relieve the DMA from making the appropriate lien search.

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