Title 7

SECTION 1421.405

1421.405 Liability.

§ 1421.405 Liability.

(a) DMAs must indemnify CCC against any claim or loss by CCC in connection with the processing of any MALs or LDPs or other activity carried out by the DMA. If CCC pays any claim or suffers a loss as a result of the actions of DMA, or if a refund otherwise becomes due to CCC, payment in the amount of such losses or refund, plus interest, may be set-off by CCC from the financial security provided by DMA as required by this subpart. If the amount of the loss exceeds the amount of the financial security, such amount is paid to CCC by DMA with interest. Interest and other charges may be assessed consistent with § 1403.9 of this chapter. Remedies provided in this section or part are in addition to other remedies or penalties, whether civil, criminal or otherwise, as may apply.

(b) If a DMA becomes liable to CCC under paragraph (a) of this section or otherwise in connection with this subpart, such DMA is not eligible to process an LDP or MAL until the receivable amount owed CCC is paid in full, and the full amount of financial security required by this subpart has been restored.

[80 FR 128, Jan. 2, 2015]