Title 7

SECTION 1421.305

1421.305 Misrepresentation and scheme or device.

§ 1421.305 Misrepresentation and scheme or device.

(a) A producer is ineligible to receive payments under this subpart if it is determined by DAFP, the State committee, or the county committee to have:

(1) Adopted any scheme or device which tends to defeat the purpose of this program;

(2) Made any fraudulent representation; or

(3) Misrepresented any fact affecting a program determination.

(b) Any funds disbursed pursuant to this subpart to a producer engaged in a misrepresentation, scheme, or device, or to any other person as a result of the producer's actions, will be refunded with interest together with such other sums as may become due. Any producer engaged in acts prohibited by this section and any person receiving payment under this subpart, as a result of such acts, will be jointly and severally liable for any refund due under this section and for related charges. The remedies provided in this subpart will be in addition to other civil, criminal, or administrative remedies which may apply.

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