Title 7

SECTION 1421.112

1421.112 Foreclosure.

§ 1421.112 Foreclosure.

(a)(1) Upon maturity and nonpayment of a warehouse-stored MAL, title to the unredeemed collateral securing the MAL will immediately vest in CCC.

(2) Upon maturity and nonpayment of a farm-stored MAL, title to the unredeemed collateral will automatically transfer to CCC upon CCC demand.

(3) When CCC acquires title to the unredeemed collateral, CCC will not pay for any market value that such collateral may have in excess of the MAL indebtedness, (the unpaid amount of the note and charges plus interest).

(b) If the total amount due on a farm-stored MAL (the unpaid amount of the note plus charges, and interest) is not satisfied upon maturity, CCC may remove the commodity from storage, and assign, transfer, and deliver the commodity or documents evidencing title thereto when, how, and upon terms as CCC determines. Disposition may also be effected without removing the commodity from storage. The commodity may be processed before sale and CCC may become the purchaser of the whole or any part of the commodity at either a public or private sale.

(1) The value of settlement for a farm-stored commodity removed by CCC from storage and will be as provided in § 1421.111.

(2) If a deficiency exists after the collateral is sold, a receivable for such deficiency will be established in accordance with part 1403 of this title.

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