Title 7

SECTION 1421.106

1421.106 Warehouse-stored MAL collateral.

§ 1421.106 Warehouse-stored MAL collateral.

(a) A commodity may be pledged as collateral for a warehouse-stored MAL in the quantity delivered to CCC for storage at a warehouse that meets standards for approval at part 1423 of this chapter. Such quantity is the net weight specified on the warehouse receipt or supplemental certificate.

(b) Two or more producers may obtain a single joint MAL for commodities stored in an approved warehouse if the warehouse receipt pledged as collateral is issued jointly to the producers.

(c) If more than one producer executes a note and security agreement with CCC, each such producer is jointly and severally liable for the violation of the terms and conditions of the note and the regulations in this part. Each such producer also remains liable for repayment of the entire MAL amount until the MAL is fully repaid without regard to such producer's claimed share in the commodity pledged as collateral for the MAL. In addition, such producer may not amend the note and security agreement with respect to the producer's claimed share in such commodities, or MAL proceeds, after execution of the note and security agreement by CCC.

(d) Storage rates that CCC has approved to be deducted from MAL proceeds are available in FSA State and county offices and other USDA service centers. Deductions are based upon entries on the warehouse receipt or supplemental certificate, but the storage rate is not to exceed the storage rate CCC has approved. No storage deduction is to be made if written evidence acceptable to CCC is submitted indicating that:

(1) Storage charges through the maturity date have been prepaid; or

(2) The producer has arranged with the warehouse operator for the payment of storage charges through the maturity date and the warehouse operator enters an endorsement in substantially the following form on the warehouse receipt:

Storage arrangements have been made by the depositor of the commodity covered by this receipt through (date through which storage has been provided). No lien will be asserted by the warehouse operator against CCC or any subsequent holder of the warehouse receipt for the storage charges that accrued before the specified date.

(e) The beginning date to be used for computing storage deductions on the commodity stored in an approved warehouse will be the later of the following:

(1) The date the commodity was received or deposited in the warehouse;

(2) The date the storage charges start; or

(3) The day following the date through which storage charges have been paid.

(f) For hard red winter and hard red spring wheat tendered to CCC and stored in an approved warehouse, producers must obtain official protein content determinations or, as CCC determines is acceptable, protein content may be determined by mutual agreement between the producer and the warehouse operator. Costs of determinations will not be paid by CCC.

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