Title 7

SECTION 1416.7

1416.7 Misrepresentation.

§ 1416.7 Misrepresentation.

(a) A person or legal entity who is determined to have misrepresented any fact affecting a program determination made in accordance with this part, or any other part that is applicable to this part, to receive benefits for which that person or legal entity would not otherwise be entitled, is ineligible for program payments under this part and must refund all such payments received, plus interest as determined in accordance with part 1403 of this chapter. The person or legal entity is ineligible and will be denied program benefits under this part for the immediately subsequent period of at least 2 crop years, and up to 5 crop years. Interest will run from the date of the original disbursement by CCC.

(b) For each year of ineligibility determined according to paragraph (a) of this section, a person or legal entity will refund to CCC all program payments, in accordance with § 1416.11, received by such person or legal entity with respect to all applications under this part, as may be applicable, if the person or legal entity is determined to have knowingly misrepresented any fact affecting a program determination

[83 FR 49464, Oct. 2, 2018 as amended at 85 FR 10963, Feb. 26, 2020]