Title 7

SECTION 1412.82

1412.82 Eligibility and CTAP application.

§ 1412.82 Eligibility and CTAP application.

(a) Eligibility. In addition to any general eligibility provisions in this part, to be eligible for CTAP the following conditions are required:

(1) The producer is a person or legal entity who is actively engaged in farming and otherwise eligible for payment, as specified in 7 CFR part 1400;

(2) The producer is on a farm that has cotton base acres that were in existence as of September 30, 2013, as adjusted; and

(3) The producer has an interest in the upland cotton base acres on the farm.

(b) Producer's share interest. A producer's share interest in cropland on a farm must be equal to or greater than that producer's share interest in cotton base acres on the farm for that crop year, as reported on that farm's acreage report.

(c) Application. To apply, submit the application and supportive and necessary contractual documents to the FSA county office:

(1) For 2014 CTAP by October 7, 2014; and

(2) For 2015 CTAP, by July 31, 2015.