Title 7

SECTION 1412.74

1412.74 Failure to make election.

§ 1412.74 Failure to make election.

(a) If all producers on a farm do not make a unanimous election during the period specified in § 1412.72, that farm will not have a valid election and any producer on the farm is not eligible for 2019 ARC or PLC enrollment or payments.

(b) If a valid election is not made for a farm in the 2019 crop year, FSA will not make any payments with respect to the farm for the 2019 crop year and the producers on the farm will, subject to § 1412.71(f), default to the same coverage for each covered commodity on the farm for the 2020 through 2023 crop years as was applicable for the 2015 through 2018 crop years.

[79 FR 46339, Aug. 8, 2014, as amended at 83 FR 40659, Aug. 16, 2018; 84 FR 45895, Sept. 3, 2019]