Title 7

SECTION 1412.66

1412.66 Acreage and production reports, prevented planting, and notices of loss.

§ 1412.66 Acreage and production reports, prevented planting, and notices of loss.

(a) An accurate report of all cropland acreage on the farm is required for ARC or PLC. How to submit the acreage report is specified in part 718 of this title.

(b) Prevented planting acreage credit will only be available to acreage that CCC determines was prevented from being planted due to an eligible cause of loss. Acreage ineligible for prevented planted credit includes acreage not planted due to a management decision. Prevented planting acreage credit is subject to the provisions of part 718 of this title.

(c) As a condition of producer payment eligibility for all ARC-IC payments under this part, all producers of all covered commodities on enrolled ARC-IC elected farms must accurately submit a report of production by the acreage reporting date for the crop in the year immediately following the crop year of the reported crop acreage for all the covered commodities elected and enrolled in ARC-IC. The report is due for each covered commodity for which an acreage report greater than zero planted acres was filed for the farm according to paragraph (a) of this section. The report of production for all of such covered commodity or covered commodities can be submitted by any of the producers of the covered commodity or covered commodities on the farm, the farm operator, or an owner on the farm. The absence of the required production report of any covered commodity being filed on an enrolled ARC-IC elected farm will cause all of the producers who share in any of the covered commodities on that farm to be ineligible for payment on that farm and on any other ARC-IC elected and enrolled farm in the State for the crop year for which the production report was not filed or is missing. At the discretion of CCC, the report of production must be accompanied by documentation acceptable to CCC. The report must include the date harvest was completed. Records of production acceptable to CCC may include those specified in:

(1) Commercial receipts, settlement sheets, warehouse ledger sheets, or load summaries of the crop that was sold or otherwise disposed of through commercial channels provided the records are reliable or verifiable as determined by CCC; and

(2) Such documentary evidence such as contemporaneous measurements, truck scale tickets, and contemporaneous diaries, as is necessary in order to verify the information provided if the crop has been fed to livestock or otherwise disposed of other than through commercial channels, provided the records are reliable or verifiable as determined by CCC. If the crop will be disposed of through retail sales, such as roadside stands, u-pick, etc. and the producer will not be able to certify acceptable records of production, the producer must request an appraisal of the crop acreage prior to harvest.

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