Title 7

SECTION 1409.4

1409.4 Method of application.

§ 1409.4 Method of application.

(a) To apply for an MFP payment, the producer must submit an MFP application on the form designated by CCC to an FSA county office.

(b) In the event that the producer does not submit documentation in response to any request of FSA to support the producer's application or documentation furnished does not show the producer had ownership in the commodity as claimed, the application for that commodity will be disapproved.

(c) A request for an MFP payment will not be approved by CCC until all the applicable eligibility provisions have been met and the producer has submitted all required forms and supporting documentation. In addition to the completed application form, if the following forms and documentation are not on file in the FSA county office or are not current for the applicable crop year of the crop or applicable year for the commodity for which MFP has been announced as available, the producer must also submit:

(1) A farm operating plan for an individual or legal entity as provided in part 1400 of this chapter;

(2) An average adjusted gross income statement for the applicable year entity as provided in part 1400 of this chapter;

(3) A highly erodible land conservation (sometimes referred to elsewhere as HELC) and wetland conservation certification as provided in part 12 of this title;

(4) For crops, an acreage report for the applicable crop year as provided in part 718 of this title; and

(5) Verifiable records that substantiate the amount of production as specified in the relevant NOFA.