Title 7

SECTION 1409.3

1409.3 Producer eligibility requirements.

§ 1409.3 Producer eligibility requirements.

(a) To be eligible for an MFP payment, a producer must:

(1) Meet all of the requirements in this part and the NOFA that is applicable to the commodity;

(2) Be a:

(i) Citizen of the United States;

(ii) Resident alien, which for purposes of this part means “lawful alien” as defined in part 1400 of this chapter;

(iii) Partnership of citizens of the United States; or

(iv) Corporation, limited liability corporation, or other organizational structure organized under State law;

(3) Have an ownership interest in the commodity.

(b) For eligible crops, a producer's share in the crop must be reported for the applicable crop year on form FSA-578, Report of Acreage, on file in the FSA county office as of the acreage reporting deadline, or no later than the date specified in the relevant NOFA. For crops that are covered commodities under § 1412.3 of this chapter, each applicant must be a person or legal entity who was actively engaged in farming, as provided in part 1400 of this chapter, in the crop year for which the crop is included in MFP.

(c) For livestock and dairy, a producer must have had an ownership interest in livestock or dairy production during the applicable time period established by CCC in the applicable NOFA.