Title 7

SECTION 1409.203

1409.203 Application process.

§ 1409.203 Application process.

(a) A non-profit entity that seeks approval for participation in EDCDP, as specified in the applicable NOCA must submit to the U.S. Department of Agriculture office identified in the NOCA:

(1) The application form;

(2) A copy of the entity's 501(c)(3) tax exempt status letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS);

(3) A copy of the entity's most recent IRS Form-990; and

(4) Any other supporting documents specified in the NOCA.

(b) After CCC has determined that the entity has met all eligibility requirements, the eligible entity may be considered for participation in EDCDP. After approval by CCC, the eligible entity must execute the applicable grant or cooperative agreement presented by CCC.