Title 7

SECTION 1409.202

1409.202 Definitions.

§ 1409.202 Definitions.

Commodity means an agricultural commodity produced in the United States intended to be marketed for commercial purposes.

Eligible entity means an incorporated nonprofit entity that is operating for religious, charitable, or educational purposes, and does not provide net earnings to or operate in any other manner that inures to the benefit of any officer, employee, or shareholder of the entity as defined in section 22 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (42 U.S.C. 1791) and meets the requirements of § 1409.203.

Notice of Commodity Availability (NOCA) means the notice published by CCC specifying: The types of commodities available for use under this subpart; the terms and conditions that are in addition to the requirements of this subpart regarding approved uses of such commodities; the requirements a non-profit entity must meet to be an eligible entity; and whether funds will be made available by CCC regarding storage, handling, transportation and other administrative costs.