Title 7

SECTION 1220.216

1220.216 Procedure.

§ 1220.216 Procedure.

(a) Attendance of at least 12 members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum at a properly convened meeting of the Committee. Any action of the Committee shall require the concurring votes of at least two-thirds ( 2/3) of the members present. The Committee shall establish rules concerning timely notice of meetings.

(b) When in the opinion of the chairperson of the Committee emergency action must be taken before a meeting can be called, the Committee may take action upon the concurring votes of no less than twelve of its members by mail, telephone, facsimile, or telegraph. Action taken by this emergency procedure is valid only if all members are notified and provided the opportunity to vote and any telephone vote is confirmed promptly in writing. Any action so taken shall have the same force and effect as though such action had been taken at a properly convened meeting of the Committee.

(c) A member may not cast votes by proxy.