Title 7

SECTION 1220.213

1220.213 Establishment and membership.

§ 1220.213 Establishment and membership.

(a) The Board may establish, with the approval of the Secretary, a Soybean Program Coordinating Committee to assist in the administration of this subpart. The Committee shall consist of 15 members. The Committee shall be composed of 10 Board members elected by the Board and 5 producers elected by the Cooperator Organization.

(b) Board representation on the Committee shall consist of the Chairperson and Treasurer of the Board, and eight additional members duly elected by the Board to serve on the Committee. The eight representatives to the Committee elected by the Board shall, to the extent practicable, reflect the geographic and unit distribution of soybean production.

(c) Cooperator Organization representation on the Committee shall consist of five members elected by the Cooperator Organization Board of Directors. The Cooperator Organization shall submit to the Secretary the names of the representatives elected by the Cooperator Organization to serve on the Committee, the manner in which such election was held, and verify that such representatives are producers. The prospective Cooperator Organization representatives shall file with the Secretary a written agreement to serve on the Committee and to disclose any relationship with any soybean entity or with any organization that has or is being considered for a contractual relationship with the Board. When the Secretary is satisfied that the above conditions are met, the Secretary shall certify such representatives as eligible to serve on the Committee.