Title 7

SECTION 1220.211

1220.211 Powers of the Board.

§ 1220.211 Powers of the Board.

The Board shall have the following powers:

(a) To receive and evaluate, or on its own initiative develop, and budget for plans or projects for promotion, research, consumer information, and industry information and to make recommendations to the Secretary regarding such proposals;

(b) To administer the provisions of this subpart in accordance with its terms and provisions;

(c) To make rules to effectuate the terms and provisions of this subpart;

(d) To receive, investigate, and report to the Secretary complaints of violations of the provisions of this subpart;

(e) To disseminate information to producers or producer organizations through programs or by direct contact utilizing the public postage system or other systems;

(f) To assign responsibilities relating to budget and program development to the Committee as provided in § 1220.219.

(g) To select committees and subcommittees of Board members, and to adopt such rules for the conduct of its business as it may deem advisable;

(h) To contract with Qualified State Soybean Boards to implement plans or projects;

(i) To recommend to the Secretary amendments to this subpart; and

(j) With the approval of the Secretary, to invest, pending disbursement pursuant to a plan or project, funds collected through assessments authorized under § 1220.223 in, and only in, obligations of the United States or any agency thereof, in general obligations of any State or any political subdivision thereof, in any interest-bearing account or certificate of deposit of a bank which is a member of the Federal Reserve System, or in obligations fully guaranteed as to principal and interest by the United States.