Title 7

SECTION 1220.207

1220.207 Alternate members.

§ 1220.207 Alternate members.

(a) The Secretary shall solicit, pursuant to the procedures of § 1220.203, nominations for alternate members of the Board.

(b) The Secretary shall appoint one alternate member of the Board for each unit which has only one member pursuant to § 1220.204 and § 1220.205.

(c) Alternate members of the Board may attend meetings of the Board as a voting member upon the following circumstances:

(1) A member of the Board for the unit which the alternate member represents is absent; and

(2) Such member, or in the case of incapacitation or death of the member, a relative, has contacted the appropriate officer of the Board to inform such officer of such absence;

(d) An alternate member of the Board, when attending Board meetings in an official capacity, shall have the rights, duties and obligations of a Board member.