Title 7

SECTION 1215.300

1215.300 Exemption procedures.

§ 1215.300 Exemption procedures.

(a) Any processor who markets 4 million pounds or less of popcorn annually and who desires to claim an exemption from assessments during a fiscal year as provided in § 1214.52 of this part shall apply to the Board, on a form provided by the Board, for a certificate of exemption. Such processor shall certify that the processor's marketing of popcorn during the previous fiscal year was 4 million pounds or less.

(b) Persons eligible for an organic assessment exemption as provided in § 1215.52(b) may apply for such an exemption by submitting a request to the Board on an Organic Exemption Request Form (Form AMS-15) at any time during the year initially, and annually thereafter on or before January 1, as long as the processor continues to be eligible for the exemption.

(c) A processor request for exemption shall include the following:

(1) The applicant's full name, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address;

(2) Certification that the applicant maintains a valid certificate of organic operation issued under the OFPA and the NOP;

(3) Certification that the applicant processes organic products eligible to be labeled “organic” or “100 percent organic” under the NOP;

(4) A requirement that the applicant attach a copy of their certificate of organic operation issued by a USDA-accredited certifying agent under the OFPA and the NOP;

(5) Certification, as evidenced by signature and date, that all information provided by the applicant is true; and

(6) Such other information as may be required by the Board, with the approval of the Secretary.

(d) Upon receipt of an application, the Board shall determine whether an exemption may be granted and issue a Certificate of Exemption to the processor within 30 calendar days. If the application is disapproved, the Board will notify the applicant of the reason(s) for disapproval within the same timeframe.

(e) Any person who desires to renew the exemption from assessments for a subsequent fiscal year shall reapply to the Board by January 1 of that year.

(f) The exemption will apply at the first reporting period following the issuance of the Certificate of Exemption.

(g) The Board may require persons receiving an exemption from assessments to provide to the Board reports on the disposition of exempt popcorn.

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