Title 7

SECTION 1124.12

1124.12 Producer.

§ 1124.12 Producer.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, producer means any person who produces milk approved by a duly constituted regulatory agency for fluid consumption as Grade A milk and whose milk (or components of milk) is:

(1) Received at a pool plant directly from the producer or diverted by the plant operator in accordance with § 1124.13; or

(2) Received by a handler described in § 1000.9(c).

(b) Producer shall not include:

(1) A producer-handler as defined in any Federal order;

(2) A dairy farmer whose milk is received at an exempt plant, excluding producer milk diverted to the exempt plant pursuant to § 1124.13(e);

(3) A dairy farmer whose milk is received by diversion at a pool plant from a handler regulated under another Federal order if the other Federal order designates the dairy farmer as a producer under that order and that milk is allocated by request to a utilization other than Class I;

(4) A dairy farmer whose milk is reported as diverted to a plant fully regulated under another Federal order with respect to that portion of the milk so diverted that is assigned to Class I under the provisions of such other order; and

(5) A dairy farmer whose milk was received at a nonpool plant during the month from the same farm as other than producer milk under the order in this part or any other Federal order. Such a dairy farmer shall be known as a dairy farmer for other markets.