Title 6

SECTION 27.330

27.330 Summary decision procedures.

§ 27.330 Summary decision procedures.

(a) The Presiding Officer appointed for each Proceeding shall immediately consider whether the summary adjudication of the Application for Review is appropriate based on the Application for Review, the Response, and all the supporting filings of the parties pursuant to §§ 27.310(b)(5) and 27.310(c).

(1) The Presiding Officer shall promptly issue any necessary scheduling order for any additional briefing of the issue of summary adjudication on the Application for Review and Response.

(2) The Presiding Officer may conduct scheduling conferences and other proceedings that the Presiding Officer determines to be appropriate.

(b) If the Presiding Officer determines that there is no genuine issue of material fact and that one party or the other is entitled to decision as a matter of law, then the record shall be closed and the Presiding Officer shall issue an Initial Decision on the Application for Review pursuant to § 27.340.

(c) If a Presiding Officer determines that any factual issues require the cross-examination of one or more witnesses or other proceedings at a hearing, the Presiding Officer, in consultation with the parties, shall promptly schedule a hearing to be conducted pursuant to § 27.335.