Title 50


85.41 Allowable costs.

§ 85.41 Allowable costs.

(a) Allowable grant costs are limited to those costs that are necessary and reasonable for accomplishment of approved grant objectives and meet the applicable Federal cost principles in 43 CFR 12.60(b). Purchase of informational signs, program signs, and symbols designating pumpout and dump stations, are allowable costs.

(b) Grants or facilities designed to include purposes other than those eligible under the Act shall have the costs prorated equitably among the various purposes. Grant funds shall only be used for the part of the activity related to the Clean Vessel Act.

(c) Costs incurred prior to the effective date of the grant agreement are not allowable with the exception that preliminary costs are allowed only with the approval of the appropriate Regional Director. Preliminary costs may include such items as feasibility surveys, engineering design, biological reconnaissance, appraisals, or preparation of grant documents such as environmental assessments for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act.