Title 50


82.9 General information for the Secretary.

§ 82.9 General information for the Secretary.

Before any Federal funds may be obligated for any project the grantee shall furnish to the Director such information regarding the authority of the grantee to participate in the benefits of the Act, such information of the type described in FMC 74-7 Attachment G, concerning the system to be used by the grantee for the financial management of grant funds, the state laws affecting marine mammals, and such other information as the Director may request.

(a) Document signature. The Application for Federal Assistance and the Cooperative Agreement must bear the signature of an official who is legally authorized to commit the prospective grantee to expediture of funds. The Secretary may, from time to time, request, and grantee shall furnish, information relating to the administration and maintenance of any project established under the Act.

(b) [Reserved]