Title 50


81.6 Project Agreement.

§ 81.6 Project Agreement.

(a) Subsequent to the establishment of a Cooperative Agreement pursuant to § 81.3, the Secretary may further agree with the States to provide financial assistance in the development and implementation of acceptable projects for the conservation of endangered and threatened species. Financial agreements will consist of an Application for Federal Assistance and a Project Agreement. Such agreements' continued existence, and continued financial assistance under such agreements, shall be contingent upon the continued existence of the Cooperative Agreement described in § 81.3 of this part.

(b) The Application for Federal Assistance will show the need for the project, the objectives, the expected benefits and results, the approach, the period of time necessary to accomplish the objectives, and both the Federal and State costs. All of a State's activities proposed for this Federal grant support will be incorporated in one or more project applications.

(c) To meet the requirements of the Act, the Application for Federal Assistance shall certify that the State agency submitting the project is committed to its execution and that is has been reviewed by the appropriate State officials and is in compliance with other requirements of the Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A-95 (as revised).

(d) The Project Agreement will follow approval of the Application for Federal Assistance by the Secretary. The mutual obligations by the cooperating agencies will be shown in this agreement executed between the State and the Secretary. An agreement shall cover the financing proposed in one project segment and the work items described in the documents supporting it.

(e) The form and content for both the Application for Federal Assistance and the Project Agreement are provided in the Federal Aid Manual.

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