Title 50


38.14 Miscellaneous prohibitions.

§ 38.14 Miscellaneous prohibitions.

No person on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge will:

(a) Smoke or ignite any fire in any designated and posted “No Smoking” area, or in the immediate proximity of any aircraft, fueling pit, or hazardous material storage area;

(b) Knowingly report or cause to be reported to any public official, or willfully activate or cause to be activated, any alarm, that an emergency exists, knowing that such report or alarm is false. “Emergency.” as used in subpart B of this part, includes any condition which results, or could result, in the response of a public official in an emergency vehicle, or any condition which jeopardizes, or could jeopardize, public lives or safety, or results or could result in the evacuation of an area, building, structure, vehicle, aircraft, or boat or other vessel, or any other place by its occupants; or

(c) Intentionally report to any public official authorized to issue a warrant of arrest or make an arrest, that a crime has been committed, or make any oral or written statement to any of the above officials concerning a crime or alleged crime or other matter, knowing such report or statement to be false.