Title 50


37.42 Inspection and monitoring.

§ 37.42 Inspection and monitoring.

The Regional Director may designate field representatives, hereinafter known as Field Monitors, to monitor the exploratory activities in the field. A Field Monitor may exercise such authority of the Regional Director as is provided by delegation, except that a Field Monitor may not revoke a permittee's special use permit, and provided that any order issued by a Field Monitor which suspends all of a permittee's field activities shall, except in emergencies, require the concurrence of the Regional Director. The Regional Director shall have a continuing right of access to any part of the exploratory activities at any time for inspection or monitoring and for any other purpose that is consistent with this part. A permittee, upon request by the Regional Director, shall furnish lodging, food, and reasonable use of its communication and surface and air transportation systems, to the Field Monitors and other representatives of the United States for the purposes of inspecting and monitoring the permittee's exploration activities in the field and for any other purpose consistent with this part. Whenever possible, the Regional Director shall give advance notice of the need for such services and facilities, including the names of persons to be accommodated.