Title 50


37.13 Group participation.

§ 37.13 Group participation.

(a) To avoid unnecessary duplication of exploratory activities, the permittee shall, if ordered by the Regional Director, afford all interested persons, through a signed agreement, an opportunity to participate in its exploratory activities. Within 60 days following such order, the permittee shall provide evidence satisfactory to the Regional Director of its compliance therewith. The permittee shall provide the Regional Director with the names and addresses of all additional participants, as they join.

(b) If, with the approval of the Regional Director, the permittee at any time changes any provisions of its approved exploration plan relating to areal extent, intensity of exploratory activities, or logistical support, and the Regional Director determines such changes to be significant, the Regional Director may require the permittee to afford all interested persons another opportunity to participate in the permitted exploratory activities in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) The requirements of this section do not preclude the permittee from initiating field operations as authorized under its special use permit.

(d) All participants shall be bound by the regulations of this part, the permittee's special use permit, approved exploration plan and plan of operation and any reasonable stipulations, demands and orders issued by the Regional Director.