Title 50


37.11 General standards for exploratory activities.

§ 37.11 General standards for exploratory activities.

(a) No exploratory activities shall be conducted without a special use permit. Requirements and procedures for obtaining a special use permit are prescribed in §§ 37.21 through 37.23.

(b) Exploratory activities shall be conducted so that they do not:

(1) Significantly adversely affect the refuge's wildlife, its habitat, or the environment;

(2) Unnecessarily duplicate exploratory activities of the permittee or another permittee; and

(3) Unreasonably or significantly interfere with another permittee's activities.

(c) Reexamination of an area may be permitted by the Regional Director if necessary to correct data deficiencies or to refine or improve data or information already gathered.

(d) Drilling of exploratory wells is prohibited.