Title 50


36.11 Purpose and policy.

§ 36.11 Purpose and policy.

(a) Consistent with the management of fish and wildlife in accordance with recognized scientific principles and the purposes for which each Alaska National Wildlife refuge was established, designated, or expanded by ANILCA, the purpose of this subpart is to provide the opportunity for local rural residents engaged in a subsistence way of life to do so pursuant to applicable State and Federal law.

(b) Consistent with sound management principles and the conservation of healthy populations of fish and wildlife, the utilization of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges is to cause the least adverse impact possible on local rural residents who depend upon subsistence uses of the resources of the public lands in Alaska.

(c) Nonwasteful subsistence uses of fish, wildlife and other renewable resources by local rural residents shall be the priority consumptive uses of such resources over any other consumptive uses permitted within Alaska National Wildlife Refuge areas.

(d) The State of Alaska is authorized to regulate the taking of fish and wildlife for subsistence uses within Alaska National Wildlife Refuges to the extent such regulation is consistent with applicable Federal law, including but not limited to ANILCA.

(e) Nothing in this subpart shall be construed as permitting the level of subsistence uses of fish and wildlife within Alaska National Wildlife Refuges to be inconsistent with the conservation of healthy populations of fish and wildlife.

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